Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Motion Control Sickness: Waggle Me Stupid

You knew this was coming, you can't deny it. As soon as Sony announced their new Playstation Move Controller, you knew deep down in your soul that you would hear from yours truly. For those of you who haven't heard about it, it's Sony's attampt at motion controll games. Watch this handy dandy video explaining what Sony is hoping to achieve.

Wow! Just WOW! Amazing right!? Well sort of. and I'll show you what I mean below.

Here's a Wii Gameplay trailer from when the system was first announced.

See any similarities? I know I do. They do have their differences though and I'll explain them for you. The Move (Playstation) uses the Playstation Eye (camera) to track the glowing balls at the end of the controller making them a bit more accurate. Another nice feature is that unlike the Wii remotes, the Move controllers run off a built in rechargeable battery as apposed to double A's. Thats actually about it as far a differences go. Oh actually there is one last difference. The Playstation Move has far superior graphics than the Wii.

So let's get on to dismantling the Hype surrounding this new Controller. For one, this is nothing NEW from Sony, actually you could call it blatant rip off (as we all know Dante's Inferno was of God Of War.) Of the Wii Remote. Secondly we already have motion control for the Playstation 3 in their "six-axis controler". Third, it's going to be expensive as hell. The basic, and I mean basic, option to play with one of the Playstation Move controllers will cost you about $100, you will be paying a little less if you have already purchased the Playstation Eye previously, as it is required to use the Move controller. And lastly, the Sub controller. This is the Move's biggest set-back. Unlike the wii remote, you cannot have a set of 4 sub controllers and 4 move controllers connected at the same time. hell you can't even have 3 of each connected at the same time due to the Playstation 3's Bluetooth setup. Currently you can only have up to 7 Bluetooth devices connected at once and only 4 can be controllers. Ouch.

So there you have it folks,We'll see how things go this fall when this "new" controller is released. Whether it will be a big hit or not will be up to you folks, cause I'm sure as hell not buying it. Who knows though, maybe I'll be wrong, or maybe it will be a new home for HD Shovelware.


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